Fort Macleod Vet Clinic offers routine equine health checks. This will include a physical exam and recommendations for vaccine schedules and routine deworming

Vaccines that should be included in your yearly check up are

  • West Nile, EEE, WEE, tetanus and rabies (4-way or 5-way vaccine)
  • Equine rhinopneumonitis- influenza vaccine (EIV/EHV)
  • Possibly Strangles intranasal vaccine

Routine fecal floats can be done also to ensure your deworming protocol is working well

  • Deworming protocols will then be made for your

We are able to book not only on farm but also for full barn assessments. We can set up proper treatments plans and protocols for new and old barn owners to make sure every horse stays on the right track and is competing to the level they should be.